Lights On Nebraska Productions Inc. is one of the longest operating production companies in the Midwest. We provide a full grip and electric services, HD Data cameras, a 1200 square foot sound stage and production support services. With a teamĀ of veteran production professionals, experienced in several areas of film and digital/HD production, we can help you with everything you need for your next film production shoot.

The Lights On Nebraska Productions Inc. owner has worked on projects that include over two dozen feature films, and hundreds of commercials. Films include; About Schmidt, Up In The Air, The Experiment, and many more. Commercials include; Coca Cola, American Family, Sprite, Prilosec, US Cellular, to name a few. Lights on Nebraska has worked on hundreds of political commercials and events, including three US Presidents who used our expertise to help visualize their campaign messages: Obama, Bush and Clinton. Godfathers Pizza, Inc. named Lights On Nebraska vendor of the year in 2011.

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